Habitat Greater Boston’s ReStore gets a renewal


Bargain hunters, home redecorators, and do-it-yourselfers rejoice – finding deals at Habitat Greater Boston’s ReStore just got easier than ever.

The West Roxbury retail outlet is wrapping up a full-scale reorganization, transforming the formerly cramped and maze-like space with open sight lines and wide aisles. This will allow customers to easily peruse the constantly changing inventory of everything that ReStore has to offer, from home appliances to lighting fixtures to china sets and more.

The effort will result in about 4,000 additional square feet of retail space, a dramatically improved experience for shoppers and staff alike. The new layout has already boosted sales significantly.

“There’s so much more inventory on the floor,” said Mark Auterio, Director of Business Strategy at the ReStore. “I have people coming in saying, ‘This is a completely different store.’ They are loving it.”

Since opening in 2010, the ReStore has become a valuable community resource, offering a wide selection of donated gently used home goods at discounted prices.

Allen Yuen, a regular ReStore customer, praised the staff for rearranging the store and making it easier to navigate.

“I love coming in here – you can’t beat it,” he said. “You’re buying stuff you need, and at the same time you’re helping people accomplish the American dream.” 

Mark and his staff began working on the reimagined layout late last year. Over several months, they gradually shifted taller items to the back and cleared away shelves to let in more light and make it easier to see the whole sales floor. They also added clearer and wider aisles to make items more accessible, particularly for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

As much as customers thrill in getting a bargain, it’s a desire to support Habitat Greater Boston’s work that draws most people in, Mark said.

An image showing the ReStore's address, 1580 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, Mass. 02132, and the hours: Tuesday to Staurday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Habitat Greater Boston’s ReStore gets a renewal