Meet Our Partner Families


These are just a few of the inspiring families who have become homeowners through Habitat Greater Boston’s Homeownership Program.

Each family has dedicated 250 to 300 hours of sweat equity to help build their homes and completed first-time homeowner education classes, and they now make affordable monthly mortgage payments.

It’s families like these that you help when you support Habitat Greater Boston.

Elmostafa and Laila

In early 2022, Elmostafa and Laila became proud homeowners of a single-family home in Malden – a city they came to know and love while raising their family right down the street for many years. They are excited to remain in Malden, where they are within walking distance of relatives and their children’s school. 

Before moving into their Habitat home, the family of six lived in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. The tight quarters made things tough, especially for homeschooling their kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite having a steady income, finding an affordable home with adequate space was extremely challenging.  

But, after a long journey to homeownership, the family’s dreams have finally come true. 


After struggling to afford an overpriced and poorly maintained two-bedroom apartment, Cynthia and her two children were able to move into a home of their very own in 2022. Through Habitat’s homeownership program and her determination and hard work, she was able to achieve her dream of owning her own home in Malden. She no longer has to worry about rent increases and the unknowns that come with renting. And her children finally have their own rooms! 

Weldegebriel and Hagush

Despite stable employment in local hospitals, Weldegebriel and Hagush still struggled to find a safe, stable and affordable home for their family of four. Every time their pay increased, so did their rent. Once they were informed that their apartment building was being torn down, they knew it was time to pursue their dream of having a home of their own. 

Weldegebriel and Hagush have settled into and decorated their home beautifully, adding furniture from Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston’s ReStore. With Habitat’s zero-interest equivalent mortgage, these new homeowners never have to worry about rent increasing again.


Maria and Antonio

Maria and Antonio were living in an overcrowded housing complex when they learned about Habitat Greater Boston’s homeownership program from a cousin who had recently purchased their first home through the program.  

Hoping to achieve their goal of “living their American Dream,” they took a chance and were accepted into the program. Their home is part of a cluster of Habitat townhomes, and they are very happy with their new community. 

Mekdes and Abebaw

Mekdes and Abebaw used to live in a one-bedroom apartment, where their two sons shared a mattress on their bedroom floor. After qualifying for Habitat Greater Boston’s homeownership program and dedicating themselves to completing the requirements, including 300 sweat equity hours helping to build their new home, they now have ample space for themselves and their kids. They have a kitchen with plenty of space to cook family meals. And best of all, their sons each have their own bedroom. 


When Eveian applied to Habitat’s homeownership program, she and her daughter were living in an overpriced one-bedroom apartment with a heating system that barely worked. After officially becoming a homeowner, the family now has a warm, secure home of their own with plenty of comfortable living space. 

Eveian values community. She joined AmeriCorps when she immigrated to the United States, and now works for a nonprofit organization. It’s fitting that she and her daughter are now part of a community with 21 other Habitat homeowners in Dorchester. 

Clive and Karlene

Clive and Karlene’s new home is in the same neighborhood they’ve known and loved for over a decade. While they were happy with their community, their apartment had mold issues and wasn’t large enough for their family of four. When they saw that Habitat was accepting applications for a house they pass every day, they knew it was meant to be. 

Jan and Benicile

Jan, Benicile, and their three children were living in a cramped basement apartment prone to flooding when they decided they needed something better. After attending the home dedication of another Habitat family who attends their church, Jan and Benicile applied to the program and were accepted. Now this family of five has a safe, comfortable, and healthy place to call home. 

Ruth and Meselework

Ruth and Meselework used to live in a development where they feared for the safety of their two young children, but high rents in the area made it seemingly impossible for them to find other housing. They found the safety, stability, and affordability they were looking for through Habitat’s homeownership program, and they now live in a home of their own in Dorchester.

Liz and Ben

When Liz and Ben applied to Habitat, they were living in a two-bedroom apartment in Lynn with their two young children. The building was on a busy street with lots of traffic and no outdoor space for the kids to play. Despite steady employment and good credit, they couldn’t get financing to buy a house. Thanks to their hard work and the generosity of so many Habitat supporters, their kids now have plenty of room to run around outside their Habitat home.

Jean-Alix and Elisemene

Jean-Alix and Elisemene used to live in Mattapan with their two children and Elisemene’s mother. The apartment was so small that Elisemene’s mother had to sleep on a couch in the living room. Even though Jean-Alix and Elisemene worked three jobs, their rent increased more than their income each year. Today, they live in a newly renovated Habitat home with enough room for Elisemene’s mother to have her own bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. 

Kossi and Esther

Kossi and Esther were crammed into a tiny apartment in Mission Hill with their two young daughters. Their building was plagued with ventilation problems, rodents, and other pests. Kossi and Esther were eager for a new home but wanted to stay in the city to be close to their jobs and the girls’ schools. Despite having excellent credit, they could not get a mortgage because of their income. Through Habitat Greater Boston’s homeownership program, they now have a home of their own.

Emilio and Maria

For years, Emilio and Maria and their two daughters lived in an apartment polluted by their neighbors’ smoking. These conditions are unsafe for any child, but it was particularly bad for their daughter who has asthma. Unfortunately, the high cost of other housing was out of reach. After being accepted into Habitat’s homesteader program, they moved into their own home with better conditions for their kids. Habitat home designs focus on indoor air quality, so Emilio and Maria don’t have to worry that their new home will be unhealthy for their daughters. 

Tyrone and Junia

Tyrone and Junia’s daughter used to do her homework in the bathroom because it was the only place in her family’s tiny one-bedroom apartment where she could shut the door and concentrate. A home with the space their son and daughter needed to thrive just wasn’t affordable. Now, each of their children has plenty of space in their own bedroom in their Habitat home. Tyrone and Junia live alongside two other Habitat homeowners and have become one big family. They host Pizza Night Fridays at their place every week, with homemade pizza by Chef Tyrone!