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We’re building! We currently have two active construction build sites:  Parker Street in Mission Hill Boston and Main Street in Malden.

In Progress Builds

Parker Street, Mission Hill, Boston

Habitat broke ground in the fall of 2020 on two 4-bedroom condominium homes at 725-727 Parker Street in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston.

Fast forward to spring 2022: The two homes have begun to take real shape now as our Construction team and Build Groups continue to work together in this close Mission Hill neighborhood. 

Main Street, Malden (Phase II)

Main Street, Malden, Phase II will be comprised of 5 townhomes, three stories each with a garage / storage as the ground floor, living space and kitchen on the second floor, and bedrooms located on the third floor. These new homes will be built with energy saving features.

Three of the homes are 2-bedrooms.
Two of the homes are 3-bedrooms

Groundbreaking on Main Street took place early spring 2022 and foundation work is underway. 

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Habitat Greater Boston is a proud participant in the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. We are taking a holistic approach to creating change in our neighborhoods that have the greatest need for stability. This means joining residents, nonprofits, businesses and local government to discover what is needed most in a neighborhood, and helping to implement a shared vision of revitalization.

Our focus neighborhood is Codman Square in Dorchester. We have partnered with the Codman Square Neighborhood Council to identify important ways to improve the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Photos: A team from Lowe’s came out to repair and paint porches and fences in the Codman Square neighborhood.

Completed Builds

Over 4000 volunteers along with sponsors, donors, building partners and the homeowner families, help us build homes for deserving families every year – thank you!


Main Street, Malden (Phase I)

Two single family homes at 968 Main Street in Malden are complete! As our first project in Malden, we were thrilled to have two new partner families join us when groundbreaking took place in late spring 2019. Though progress slowed significantly during 2020 due to the pandemic, we were able to continue building indoors with our construction team until we could welcome volunteers safely back to site. 

Each home has 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and one full and one-half bathroom. 


Balina Place Condominiums, Dorchester (Phase II)

After finishing Phase I of our Balina Place condominium project in 2018, Habitat began Phase II with three new townhouses located on the land next door, at 7, 9, and 11 Balina Place. After tackling delays due to the pandemic, we were able to complete final stages of construction, with three new families moving in March 2021!

This 5-home condominium development is located in the Codman Square area of Dorchester in Boston. Dorchester is our Neighborhood Revitalization Focus neighborhood.


Fairmount Street Condominiums, Dorchester

Habitat renovated a two-family home located on Fairmount Street in Codman Square in Dorchester, our Neighborhood Revitalization Focus neighborhood. We replaced the roof, wiring, plumbing, replaced the kitchens and bathrooms, and installed new heating systems and windows. Now completed, it has been converted to two condominium homes purchased by Habitat families.


Balina Place Condominiums, Dorchester (Phase I)

Habitat finished Phase I of this project and two new families became Habitat homeowners in summer 2018. We are building three new townhouses as Phase II of the project.


Red Rose Condominiums, Roslindale

Thanks to a generous donation of land, architectural designs and permits, Habitat Greater Boston constructed three buildings, each with two townhouses, and sold the last unit to a Habitat family in 2017.


Woodbine Street Condominiums, Roxbury

Habitat built two new condominium units in one building, funded in significant part by an anonymous donor in honor of Pope Francis. Cardinal Sean O’Malley dedicated the homes in 2016.


Blue Hill Place Condominiums, Dorchester

Habitat developed an entire city block in Dorchester by construction five new buildings containing a total of 25 total condominium units, making this our largest real estate development project to date.

Prior to 2015

51 Navarre Street, Roslindale

Habitat acquired this foreclosed property from a bank and converted the house into two condominium units for Habitat families.

5 Bancroft Street, Needham

This newly-constructed single family home was Habitat’s first project in the Town of Needham.

Webster Park Condominiums, West Newton

In a beautiful setting surrounded by the Dolan Park Reservation, Habitat constructed two townhouse condominiums.

Algonquin Street Condominiums, Dorchester

Habitat renovated a Victorian-era house and converted it into two condominium units.

315 Brighton Street, Belmont

Habitat constructed Belmont’s first Habitat home in 2007.

200 H Street Condominiums, South Boston

Located one block from the beach, Habitat built a three-unit condominium building.

24-26 Knowlton Street, South Boston

Habitat constructed two condominiums in one building in the heart of South Boston.

Fairland Street Condominiums, Roxbury

Habitat constructed three townhouses in Roxbury.

Woodville Condominiums, Roxbury

Habitat renovated a triple-decker and converted it into three condominium homes.

1071 Blue Hill Avenue Condos, Dorchester

Habitat constructed a building with two condominium homes.

154 – 156 Quincy Street Condos, Dorchester

Habitat constructed four condominium units in two buildings.

Regent Street Condominiums, Roxbury

Habitat constructed five new townhouses on Regent Street and two townhouses around the corner on Alpine Street.

17 & 19 Dale Street, Roxbury

Habitat constructed two new townhouses.

90 – 102 Wayland Street, Dorchester

Habitat built seven new townhouses.

Dale Street Condominiums, Roxbury

Habitat renovated a 1970’s building and converted it into four condominium homes.

28 West Cottage Street Condominiums, Dorchester

Habitat renovated a 1970’s “infill” building and converted it into four condominium homes.

Dorchester Terrace Condominiums, Dorchester

Habitat constructed 13 new townhouses on an undeveloped block of land in Dorchester.

Havelock Street Condominiums, Dorchester

Habitat renovated a triple-decker and converted it into three condominium homes.

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