Realize your dream of homeownership with Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston.
Homeownership Program

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Habitat Greater Boston is excited to announce that we are currently accepting homeownership program applications for Phase II of our Malden project on Main Street. 

This affordable homeownership opportunity consists of five new townhomes on Main Street in Malden.

Three of the homes are 2-bedrooms.
Two of the homes are 3-bedrooms.

These five homes will be a condominium association.

Application and Instructions

If you are interested in the Habitat program and believe you qualify for a home according to the guidelines, we encourage you to fill out and return the application before 5pm Eastern on Thursday, June 30.

Please read the cover letter included in the housing application for detailed information about our selection process. NOTE: We are accepting applications online or in-person.

Steps to Submit Your Application ONLINE:

1. Once your application and required documents are prepared, complete the form below to receive an email from Habitat Boston requesting files with a secure Dropbox link:

2. You will receive a request from us within 48 hours with step-by-step instructions. Upload all required documentation to this Dropbox folder. 

3. You will receive an email confirmation when your documents are successfully submitted. 

Steps to Submit Your Application IN-PERSON:

Applications will ONLY be accepted during the drop off times below: 

  • Tuesday: 10am – 3pm 
  • Wednesday: 2pm – 6pm  
  • Thursday: 9am – 2pm 

Our main Habitat Greater Boston office is located at:
240 Commercial Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

Completed Applications must be submitted by 5pm Eastern on Thursday, June 30. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.



If you have any questions about our homeownership program, please email:


Your application will be evaluated based on three main areas:

Need: Current housing is substandard or inadequate (overcrowded, too expensive or unsafe) or family income is insufficient to afford a conventional mortgage.

Ability to Pay: Secure employment, good credit, legal residency, and able to make affordable mortgage payments.

Willingness to Partner: Family agrees to work with Habitat and our volunteers for at least 300 hours (two-parent family) or 250 hours (single-parent family) building Habitat homes or working in our ReStore. Families are also required to complete first-time homeowner education classes.


If you qualify, you will need to participate in a 30-minute virtual interview followed by a home visit from volunteer members of our Homeowner Selection Committee.

If you are selected for a Habitat home, you will then begin your 250-300 hours of sweat equity and take your ten homeownership classes. Class topics include financial management and budgeting, foreclosure prevention, estate planning, legal rights and responsibilities of homeownership, and more. When your home is finished and you have completed all the foregoing requirements, Habitat will help you obtain affordable financing to pay for it over 20-30 years.


If you have questions about our homeownership program, please email:

Our Office Address

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston
240 Commercial Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

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Habitat Greater Boston Homeownership in Malden

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take from the time I apply for a home until I close and move in?

The application/selection process can take 3 to 6 months and after that it may take another 18 to 24 months to build the home before you will be ready to buy your home and move in. The timing also depends on how long it takes you to complete the sweat equity requirement and attend our homeownership and financial management classes. Importantly, our program relies on sponsors, donations, and volunteers to help construct our homes, which can impact the timing.

What is the sweat equity requirement?

Single-parent families are required to invest 250 hours of sweat equity and two-parent families are required to invest 300 hours working on their future home or the homes of other Habitat families or volunteering at the Habitat ReStore or in the office. Families are supervised by Habitat’s trained site staff and work side-by-side with other volunteers.

When do I perform the sweat equity?

You may begin the sweat equity after you have been chosen as a partner family by the Homeowner Selection Committee and Board of Directors. The hours must be completed before you can move into your new Habitat home.

Can friends and other groups help me meet the 250-300 hours of sweat equity?

No. Sweat equity must be completed by members (18 years or older) of the family who will be living in the home. It helps families develop a sense of pride in homeownership and learn important building and home maintenance skills. However, we recognize the additional commitment from a single-parent household, which is why the required hours are reduced in such circumstances. In addition, sweat equity provides an opportunity for interaction with other partner families, Habitat staff, and volunteers.

Are there income guidelines for the homeownership program?

Yes. In order to qualify for the Habitat homeownership program, your household income must be between 50 to 80% of area median income as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
The 2022 Income Guidelines are:

(Published by HUD on April 2022)

Family Size Minimum Income
(50% AMI)
Maximum Income
(80% AMI)
1 $49,100 $78,300
2 $56,100 $89,500
3 $63,100 $100,700
4 $70,100 $111,850
5 $75,750 $120,800
6 $81,350 $129,750
7 $86,950 $138,700
8 $92,550 $147,650
Can I choose where I want my house to be? Can I switch to another Habitat home after I am selected?

No. The Homeowner Selection Committee and Board of Directors choose families for a particular house based on your family’s size and the availability of homes at the time when you are selected as a partner family.

Can I rent out or sublet my Habitat house?

No. Habitat requires that you live in your home. You cannot rent out the home or move out and let others live there instead.

Can I run a day care or other business out of my home?
No. Habitat homes are meant to be your primary residence and cannot be used for business purposes.
If I lose my job, will I lose my home?
Not necessarily. We encourage you to communicate with us during periods of financial difficulty, and we will try to work together to find a solution.
I applied to Habitat in the past and my application was rejected. Can I apply again?
Absolutely. We encourage you to reapply if your circumstances have changed.
If I’ve already taken a first time homebuyer class, do I still need to take Habitat’s classes?
Yes. Habitat’s classes are required for all program participants because our classes cover a wide range of topics, some of which are specific to our program. Because these classes are only offered to Habitat families, it’s also an opportunity for you to get to know your future neighbors.
I still have questions!

Don’t hesitate to email the Homeowner Services Department with any further questions at:

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!