Our Staff

James Kostaras
President & CEO

Gerry Patton
Director of Construction
and Real Estate Development

Monika Montrymowicz
Director of Development

Delia DeVito
Director of Operations

Mark Auterio
Director of Business Strategy, ReStore

Aaron Cole
ReStore Donation Ambassador
Angelo Cooney
ReStore Donation Ambassador
Taylor Driscoll

Taylor Driscoll
Construction Assistant Site Supervisor

Ester Farah
Development and Volunteer Coordinator
Ivory Hestmark, AmeriCorps

Ivory Hestmark
Construction Crew Leader, AmeriCorps Member

Cathy Kurczak
Manager of Construction Operations


Cristina Leiva
Assistant Manager of Operations

Sam Levenberg
Construction Assistant Site Supervisor and Carpenter
Andy Ly
ReStore Back of House Manager

Shannon McCormack
Homeowner Relations Manager

Adam Musker
ReStore Acquisitions Manager
Larry Musker
ReStore Associate

Mike Rousch
Construction Senior Site Supervisor and Safety Administrator


Shannon Steele
Manager of Institutional Partnerships

Katie Theodoros

Katie Theodoros
Construction Administrator /
Assistant Site Supervisor

Ivan Vergizova
ReStore Associate

Micki Younger
Architectural Design Administrator/Assistant Site Supervisor

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