New England winters can get pretty gray, but at Habitat Greater Boston, we’re always thinking green. 

That’s because we’re working hard to make sure that every home we build is energy efficient and sustainable. We know that building green homes will impact families and our communities for years to come.

Our construction team always seeks to maximize efficiency and sustainability through the use of highly efficient heating systems, dual-flush toilets, extra insulation, and recycled materials. 

Homeowners like Stephen and Arlene are able to save as much as 80% on their electrical bills, thanks to the solar panels on their roof. Savings on utility costs from use of solar panels can average about $2,000 a year, adding another layer of financial security for Habitat Greater Boston partner families.

Click here to find out more about Habitat Greater Boston’s green building initiatives. 

A smiling couple point to the solar converter in their Habitat Greater Boston home

Homeowners since 2016, Arlene and Stephen show off their home’s solar energy system.