When you think of Habitat Greater Boston, you might picture volunteers raising a wall or painting a bedroom. These are important – and fun – parts of that process, but ultimately, building homes is just the means to an end.

Our true objective is to make the dream of successful and affordable homeownership a reality for those living in Greater Boston. As you’re reading this, our Homeowner Services team is working to select five new partner families to enter our homeownership program. Each partner family must meet the following requirements in order to enter the program:

A photo of Ingrid and Doug hugging and smiling in front of a foggy mountain


The ultimate goal of Habitat Greater Boston’s homeownership program is to provide a pathway for future homeowners – aka “Homesteaders” – to the stability offered by affordable homeownership. In order to ensure success on this journey, Habitat Boston provides Homesteaders with tools and information necessary for them to understand and be prepared for the realities of homeownership. In addition to completing courses on f inancial management, home maintenance and estate planning, Homesteaders also learn about what goes into building a home by volunteering on Habitat construction sites for 300 sweat equity hours.

Cynthia and her two children at the front door of their new home