My Mom’s car was a white 1996 Volvo 850. I inherited it when she passed. Because of the way the front seats are designed, it was like getting a gentle hug whenever I got in behind the wheel. 

My mother was a remarkable woman. She raised me and my 3 siblings by herself when my father passed. She was 44 when she became a widow. Her oldest, my late sister, was the oldest at 20 yrs old and was born with down syndrome. I was the youngest, 11 at the time. My mother, Joyce, held onto the house, paid off the mortgage, and worked full-time throughout. 

She helped my brother pay for his undergraduate college education. My late brother continued on and became a Doctor. Me? I graduated with a B.A. with the help of my mother. 

When my husband and I decided to relocate to New Orleans, I decided, and I believe my Mom would have approved, to donate the Volvo to Habitat for Humanity. This donation would have made her happy. 

Cheers, Jennifer

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