Weston: 0 Wellesley Street

The Weston Homeownership Opportunity Project: 0 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston is excited to embark on a new project in Weston, MA.  The property, located at 0 Wellesley Street, is currently under agreement to be acquired from the Weston Affordable Housing Trust and design development is underway.  The project is currently conceived as a six home project (three, two-family homes).  Habitat Greater Boston is working with the architect to ensure the design complements the neighborhood and echoes the local vernacular architecture in Weston with colonial styles, gables, and front porches. The buildings are being sited to adhere to property line setbacks and substantially conform to all Wetland, Conservation Commission and stormwater guidelines.

Habitat Greater Boston has hosted several community meetings and will continue to engage the public throughout the process, see below for more information and how to get connected.

The project will be developed and permitted under the State’s LIP Program under Chapter 40B.   The LIP program is the Local Initiative Program or a “friendly” 40B development.  It is currently the only 40B project in the town to offer homeownership opportunities.

Weston Site Aerial View with Site Plan

Weston Site – Aerial view with site plan

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston has extensive expertise and experience in building high quality attractive homes that blend in with the neighborhood using both professional and volunteer labor. All prospective homeowners donate 250 to 300 hours of sweat equity in the construction of their homes. Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston provides the initial mortgages to the homeowners and assists in the management of the condominium associations to ensure that they are properly funded and maintained. 



Building Quality Homes
Red Rose, Bradeen Street, Roslindale, MA

Family Selection Process

Families will be selected through a lottery process. Eligible families will make 80% or less of the Middlesex-Cambridge/Quincy SMSA* Area Median Income (AMI) based upon family size.

Families must also have a need for safe and affordable housing, and be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston by completing sweat equity hours and attending a series of homeownership classes.

Additional criteria such as monthly housing payment burdens and asset limitations must also be met. 

*Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area


The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) allows the town of Weston to request a local preference for some of the six homes. The local preference includes families that meet the above requirements and are at least one of the following:

  • Current Weston residents
  • Current municipal employees or employees of Weston businesses or companies
  • Families with children currently attending Weston schools, such as METCO students 


The Design Team

The design team consists of the following professionals:

Gerry Patton Director of Construction, Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston
Rob Gemma, PE Engineer, Metrowest Engineering
Keith Gross Architect, HDS Architecture
Antonia Bellalta, ASLA Bellalta 3 Design


Rendering Views

Rendering view from SE:

Weston-0 Wellesley-Rendering-SE

Rendering view from driveway:

Weston-0 Wellesley-Rendering-Driveway

Rendering view from NE:

Weston-0 Wellesley-Rendering-NE

Trees and Shrubs

The site and landscape plans are designed to preserve as many healthy, existing trees as possible and also to provide a significant number of additional trees for replanting. These will help to serve as replacements for any trees removed as well as provide visual screening from Wellesley Street and the adjacent home. A professional arborist will be contracted to help determine the health of the existing trees in addition to providing recommendations for attractive, native species to replant. 

WSTN Proposed native trees and shrubs

Proposed native trees and shrubs


There will be two parking spaces per unit as well as guest parking spaces. Every attempt will be made to limit the amount of paving and impervious surfaces and lessen the impact of the parking spaces on the surrounding area.

Community Outreach

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston wants to involve the local residents in the design process as much as possible and has been holding monthly Community Zoom meetings.  All meetings are recorded and are available here or by request.

Weston Community Outreach Meeting 1: Monday, 4/26/2021 at 7pm – Link to Recording

Weston Community Outreach Meeting 1: Wednesday, 4/28/2021 at 10am – Link to Recording

Weston Community Outreach Meeting 2: Monday, 6/14/2021 at 10am – Link to Recording

Weston Community Outreach Meeting 2: Wednesday, 6/16/2021 at 7pm – Link to Recording

Weston Community Outreach Meeting 3: Wednesday, 7/21/2021 at 7pm – Link to Recording

Weston Community Outreach Meeting 4: Tuesday, 9/28/2021 at 7pm – Link to Recording

Upcoming Community Outreach Zoom Meetings

Please check back periodically for additional 2021 Meetings.

Documents and Reports


Presentations to Weston Affordable Housing Trust

Weston Affordable Housing Trust Meeting: Tuesday, 7/27/2021 – PDF


Volunteer Opportunities with the Weston Project

There will be ample opportunities to volunteer or be involved with this project.  Additional information on volunteer opportunities, donation of goods and/or services will be provided as we get closer to the start of construction.



To register for the Community Outreach Meetings, for additional information, or for questions or comments, please contact:

E:  westonoutreach@habitatboston.org
T:  617-423-2223, ext. 19


 Join our shared vision for a more safe, sustainable, equitable future together.