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At Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston, we could not do what we do without your help.
Register your group or sign up as an individual to help us build homes! Learn how you can help below.

Group Volunteers

You are a GROUP if your
company, school, faith
community, club or other
organization plans
to bring out a group of 8-10
people to work for a day.

Individual Volunteers

You are an INDIVIDUAL if
you are planning to work on
your own, rather than as a
part of an organized group
such as a company, school,
faith community, or other
organization or club.

Volunteer Calendar

Look for available build dates
on our CALENDAR and sign up
online to work with us.

Group build days provide funds
needed to build affordable
homes in our community.

Individuals are not expected to
make financial contributions as
part of their volunteer day.

Remember to reserve build days
in advance!