Our Staff

Lark Jurev Palermo
President and CEO
Mark Auterio
ReStore Director
Theresa Lakin
Director of External Relations
Gerry Patton
Director of Construction
Esther Powell
Director of Family Services
Aaron Cole
ReStore Truck Driver
Jake Conroy
ReStore Merchandising
Angelo Cooney
ReStore Truck Associate
Delia DeVito
ReStore Donation Coordinator
Mary Gregory
Family Services Coordinator
Cathy Kurczak
Construction Site Supervisor
Andy Ly
ReStore Back of House
Adam Musker
ReStore Acquisitions Manager
Larry Musker
ReStore Associate
George O’Malley
Caroline Orlin
ReStore Sales Associate
Santiago Rodriguez
Assistant Construction
Site Supervisor
Mike Rousch
Construction Site Supervisor
Min Tan
Staff Accountant &
Human Resources Administrator
Abraham Todd
ReStore Associate

Remy Uwiling
Assistant Site Supervisor, AmeriCorps Member

Joe Victory
Graphic Designer
Julie Walsh
ReStore Donation Coordinator
Melanie Watts
Corporate Relations &
Institutional Giving Coordinator
Jennie Woo
Donor Relations &
Major Gifts Manager

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